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Rancho Feeding Corp. Recall

Dear Customers, You may have heard news of a USDA beef recall issued on February 8th for the Petaluma slaughter plant (Rancho Feeding Corp.).  In an effort to be completely transparent, we want to address this issue with you, our customers, directly. Many of our cattle ranchers do in fact use this slaughter plant to […]

Guest Blog: Kathryn Quanbeck

Land Prices and the Expansion of Pasture-based Production In another installation of our guest blog series, Kathryn Quanbeck writes about the cost of land in areas where new-generation farming would thrive.  Kathryn lives in Portland, OR and works for the Niche Meat Processor Network (, a network and information hub for small-scale meat processors and […]

Autumn Dinners at the Rocchino’s

Autumn is officially here and cool mornings are giving way to warm afternoons. By evening, sweaters go back on and I crave a warm dinner. Produce at the farmer’s market straddles Summer and Fall with tomatoes and eggplant still plentiful, and winter squashes and hardy greens also on display. Aaron and I recently helped with […]

What have we been eating?

It’s been awhile since I posted about what we’ve been eating at home.  Don’t fret – we haven’t been starving.  We’ve been eating quite well actually.  I just haven’t had the forethought or the energy to take photos of our dinner before the dinner becomes dirty dishes… With that being said, I have been cooking […]

Guest Blog: Olivia Tincani

Olivia Tincani is our guest blogger this week.  She began her path to resistance in her father’s tomato garden in California and her uncle’s vineyard in Italy. Olivia was the managing partner of Farm 255, a unique “farm-AND-table” operation in Athens, Georgia, founded in 2005, that grew much of its produce on its own farm, Full […]

Guest Blog: Heather Thomason

This is the fifth guest blog in our series!  Heather came to us from New York as an intern determined to “be the best intern we’ve ever had” (she told us that in her interview).  She was indeed a great intern and she now works here part-time.  Below are her musings on being a butcher […]

Guest Blog: Lisa Poncia from Stemple Creek Ranch

Today we post our fourth guest blog!  Lisa Poncia from Stemple Creek Ranch has generously shared her thoughts and observances of summer on the ranch.  Stemple Creek Ranch is located in Tomales on the grassy hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  We get beef from Stemple Creek Ranch every other week.  Our relationship with Stemple Creek […]

Guest Blog by Grace Magruder of Magruder Ranch

We have begun to feature a guest on our blog and this is the third in our series. Grace Magruder is a sixth generation farmer in Potter Valley just north of the Mendocino County line. We get beef from Magruder Ranch every other week. The ranch is absolutely breathtaking and Grace and her parents, Mac […]