Thanksgiving Guide

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Note: We are no longer taking orders by phone or online. 

Sharpen those knives, dust off the family recipes and reserve your Thanksgiving turkey! We are offering beautiful heritage birds from BN Ranch as well as hams, sausage stuffing, gravy, stock, pie dough and more. Here is The Local Butcher Shop’s Guide to Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Hours:

Friday 11/17 | Last day to pre-order for Thanksgiving
Monday 11/20 | CLOSED to pack orders
Tuesday 11/21 | 10AM to 7PM
Wednesday 11/21
| 10AM to 7PM
Thursday 11/23 | CLOSED
Friday 11/24| CLOSED
Saturday 11/25 | 10AM to 6PM
Sunday 11/26 |  10AM to 6PM

About Our Thanksgiving Birds

Our locally raised heritage turkeys ($10.25/lb) come from BN Ranch. Bill and Nicolette Hahn Niman have perfected raising their heritage turkeys to be plump, moist, flavorful birds. Their humane and environmentally responsible farming practices produce the highest quality meat with a depth of flavor that can only come from happy, athletic, healthy birds. Heritage Birds are bred to be on pasture with big strong legs and smaller breasts. The birds take about two times longer to grow to size and require two times more feed than conventionally raised turkeys. The meat of heritage birds is visibly darker and the flavor is deep and rich. Turkeys will be fresh (never frozen).

Reserve your turkey NOW as we do sell out every year! When you place your order in the shop, over the phone or online, we will take a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE reservation deposit.  Thank you for understanding.

What size turkey do I need?

We have several turkey sizes available this year. We’ll do our very best to get you a turkey as close to your desired size as possible. Here is our recommendation guide to help you decide the best size bird to fit your holiday table:

  • Extra Large Turkey (22 – 25.9 lbs) serve 16 to 22 people
  • Large Turkey (18 – 21.9 lbs) serves 10 to 16 people
  • Medium Turkey (14 – 17.9 lbs) serves 7 to 10 people
  • Small Turkey (10 – 13.9 lbs) serves 5 to 7 people
  • Extra Small Turkey (7 – 9.9 lbs) serves 3 to 6 people
  • Turkey legs and/or breasts (cut to order) perfect for small gatherings

Additional Offerings

If you’re looking for an alternative to turkey, we’re offering holiday hams, pork roasts, guinea hen (it’s like a mini turkey for two!), quail, duck, rabbits, beef roasts, lamb legs and more—call and talk with one of our butchers. We also have charcuterie platters, sausage & bread stuffing, poultry stock, gravy, pie dough, bacon, eggs, and more available for online pre-order. Add items to your turkey order and we’ll have them ready to go when you pick up your bird.

How to order

The deadline to place an order is Friday 11/17 at 6PM. We are taking orders online or you may call us at 510-845-6328. We will ask for a $50 deposit for your turkey. You’ll pay the remaining balance when you pick it up. Pick up your Thanksgiving order on Tuesday, 11/21 from 10AM to 7PM or Wednesday 11/22 10AM to 7PM. Please note, we will be closed on Monday, 11/20 to prepare all holiday orders.

Our favorite Thanksgiving recipes & tips