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What have we been eating?

It’s been awhile since I posted about what we’ve been eating at home.  Don’t fret – we haven’t been starving.  We’ve been eating quite well actually.  I just haven’t had the forethought or the energy to take photos of our dinner before the dinner becomes dirty dishes… With that being said, I have been cooking […]

Fricassee at The Rocchino’s

Last night I made Chicken, Fennel and Artichoke Fricassee for dinner from Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine.  It was quite tasty and worth sharing.  I halved the recipe as it was dinner for two.  Make sure to ask your Local Butcher to cut the chicken up for you.  Enjoy!   Chicken, Fennel, and Artichoke Fricassee from […]

What’s for dinner tonight?

The weather is warming up during day, but it definitely chills off at night…maybe a bit too chilly to bust out the BBQ.  This is what we are eating for dinner tonight and we think you should too! Butter-Basted Pan-Seared Thick-Cut Steaks with Pomme Frites (fried in beef tallow) with Steamed Artichokes & Monica’s Family Sauce […]