This Week's Sausages

All house-made! Updated August 23rd

Moroccan Lamb Merguez
Caramelized Onion + Duck
Classic Fennel
Spicy Italian
Mexican Style Beef Chorizo
Sage Breakfast Sausage

Seasoned Pork Taco Meat (16oz jar)
Housemade Salsa (4oz jar)
Alma Semillera Handmade Tortillas (10-pack)

Whole Pig Roast
ready at 12:30pm and sold by the pound ($15/lb)

Housemade soups, stews, sauces and stocks!
Squab, Poussin & Vegetable  Soup
French Onion
Pork & Cabbage
Beef Ricotta Meatballs
Bacon & Beef Burgers

Beef Demi Glace
Beef Stock
Poultry Stock
Lamb Stock
Pork Stock
Bacon Stock
Bone Broth