Our Team

Aaron Rocchino – Co-founder and former co-Owner

Aaron Rocchino

Aaron’s culinary career began at age twelve when he realized that if he wanted a car when he turned sixteen, he had to start making some money. So, he got a job as a dishwasher at his grandparents’ favorite eating establishment. He moved his way up to a busser position and then into the kitchen as a prep cook. At the age of 16, he was a trained line cook. When Aaron entered vocational high school, he had to decide between focusing on his two favorite topics, auto mechanics or culinary arts. After hemming and hawing at great length, he opted to study culinary arts. His senior year, he won a national cooking competition in Florida. The prize was a full scholarship to attend The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. While attending the Culinary Institute of America, Aaron had the opportunity to intern at Oliveto, an Italian restaurant located in Oakland, California. After completing his 6 month internship, he was offered a full-time job at the restaurant once he graduated from the CIA. After graduating in 2002, Aaron worked in New York City at Le Bernadin under the tutelage of Eric Ripert. Aaron then moved on to Tangerine and Buddakan (both Steven Starr restaurants) in Philadelphia where he learned how to cook at two very fast paced, large volume restaurants. All the while, he was trying to save up money to move out to California and to return to Oliveto. Finally, in 2003, he made the move to Oliveto in Oakland where he worked for four years, first as a line cook and ultimately as a sous chef.

It was under the leadership of Paul Bertolli and Paul Canales that Aaron developed his true cooking style and learned how to butcher whole animals and craft salumi, pate and pasta by hand.  He began to understand what is meant to cook “nose to tail” as well as how a restaurant could fit into a larger community of farmers and producers. The relationships with with farmers that he worked with while at Oliveto remain to this day. (He also met his wife at Oliveto!) Aaron was then hired by Chez Panisse as one of four cooks in the famous restaurant in 2007. At Chez Panisse, Aaron continued to butcher whole animals and build relationships with farmers and producers. Aaron was chosen by Chez Panisse to represent the restaurant at Slow Food’s Terra Madre event in Torino, Italy, as well as at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sustainable Fish event.

Monica Rocchino – Co-founder and former co-Owner

Monica Rocchino
Monica Rocchino

Monica grew up in San Rafael, CA, and then attended Brown University in Providence, RI, where she mastered the art of cooking in a toaster oven and a microwave. During her junior year in college, she attended the University of Bologna in Italy. It was here that she learned that a tomato isn’t orange but a deep crimson, and that truly fresh food tastes amazing without much tampering. Upon returning to the States, she knew that she wanted food to play a central role in her career. She also had an entrepreneurial spirit and focused her studies in economics, business and management. Upon graduating, Monica went to work at Paula LeDuc Fine Catering in Emeryville, CA, where she was hired as an Event Production Manager. Here she became more comfortable with culinary terms, pairing wines with food, and the art and importance of customer service.

After two years with Paula LeDuc Fine Catering, Monica decided it was time to tap into her business training and start her own company. Monica started Stelle Events where she planned and coordinated events for Americans both in Northern California and in Italy. The company grew to produce twelve high-end events a year. While the company was in its beginning stages, Monica worked at Oliveto Restaurant and Café in Oakland, CA, where she learned much more about Italian food, sustainability and wine pairing. She also met her future husband and co-owner of The Local Butcher Shop, Aaron. After five years of running Stelle Events, it was time to hone her sales skills, so back to Paula LeDuc Fine Catering she went as an Account Executive. She was an Account Executive for two and a half years before opening The Local Butcher Shop.

Caleb – Butchery Manager & worker-owner

Caleb first became interested in food during a cooking class in high school. Five years into his cooking career he was introduced to butchery. Originally from San Bernardino, California, he joined the TLBS team in the summer of 2017. In his free time, Caleb enjoys disc golf, snowboarding, biking and cooking, of course.

Jason – Value Added Products Manager & worker-owner

Prior to joining the TLBS Team in 2018, Jason was the executive chef of Revival, a whole animal restaurant in downtown Berkeley. The work at Revival sparked his interested in the world of charcuterie. In his younger days, Jason was always cooking with family. He attended culinary school in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Derek – Butcher & worker-owner

Derek’s love of food and interest in cooking was sparked by the movie Ratatouille. When he’s not slicing and dicing, he’s camping and travelling. One of his favorite meaty things to eat is chicken and turkey thighs.

Koji – Butcher & worker-owner

Koji joined The Local Butcher Shop in 2018. He has an innate love of the craft of cooking and enjoys helping others pursue the tasty things in life! Koji has a strong appreciation for the farmers and ranchers he works with and their dedication to environmental and animal welfare standards.

Merl – Butcher & worker-owner

Evan S. – Butcher & worker-owner

Tim – Kitchen Assistant & worker-owner

Scott – General Manager & worker-owner

Evan T. Sando Maker & worker-owner

Evan joined TLBS in October of 2020. He loves to cook for others and thrives on seeing people enjoy his food. When he’s not slinging sandos, you can find Evan playing music, gaming, and cooking for others. One of his favorite dishes in Pho.

Leighton – Butcher & worker-owner

Leighton has always had a special interest in food. As far back as he can remember, he helped his mom in the kitchen. Before joining The Local Butcher Shop, he served as sous chef at Revival Bar & Kitchen and Ramen Shop. When not in the kitchen, Leighton enjoys ultimate frisbee.

Alex – Garde Manager

While working in a hospital kitchen in high school, Alex learned how therapeutic cooking can be. He join The Local Butcher Shop’s after relocating from Pennsylvania. Alex enjoys hiking, exploring national parks, writing music, and playing guitar.