What We Do

What We DoThe Local Butcher Shop is an award-winning neighborhood butcher shop, run by a team of proud worker-owners, providing the best locally sourced, sustainably raised meat for our community. 

We are dedicated to seasonal, locally sourced, sustainably-raised, fresh meat.  Our shop began as an idea in 2009 when Aaron and Monica Rocchino decided they wanted to continue their work in the food industry to have a more direct impact on their community.  At the same time, it was difficult to find locally sourced, sustainably raised meat to cook at home.  Our doors opened in August of 2011 in the Gourmet Ghetto neighborhood of Berkeley, CA to help our community solve this situation.  In 2021, the Rocchinos stepped back to make way for the team to take over ownership and operation of the butcher shop.

We are trained chefs, ready to help you with cooking suggestions, recipes, and a personal connection to the farms where the animals are raised.  Because we only buy whole animals, we can butcher any imaginable cut for you, and we pride ourselves in customization.  We also offer rendered fats, bones and innards.  We make all of our pâtés, sausages, deli meats, stocks, stews and “fido food” in house, and our sandwich of the day features our meat, local farmer’s market produce and locally made bread.