Weekly Specials

A whole Roaster Pig cooked in a Caja-China. Sold by the pound at 12:30pm every Saturday through Labor Day

June 18th: Smoked Tomato and Fresno peppers
w/ Roast-drippings Dipping Sauce

June 25th: classic BBQ spice rub w/Salsa Verde dipping sauce

July 2nd: Traditional-style rub (black pepper, fennel, chiles, lemon, garlic, rosemary) w/ savory stone fruit sauce.

July 9th: Marinated Pork w/ roasted apple & mustard sauce.

July 16th: Brined Pig w/ smoked pepper & pepita romesco sauce

July 23rd: Brined pig w/ Spicy Sweet’n’sour sauce

July 30th: Herbed pork w/ “El Diablo” sauce (spicy & smokey)

August 6th: Korean chili & green onions

August 13th: Classic BBQ rub w/ Carolina vinegar sauce


This Week's Sausages

All housemade! Updated August 12th:

Smoked Bratwurst
Classic fennel
Spicy Italian
Turkey Herb
Sage Breakfast
Beef Chorizo

Updated August 12th:

Beef demi-glace
Cookie Dough (made with leaf lard)
Nona Lim ramen noodles
Pork Ramen Broth
Beef Soup
French Onion Soup
Spicy Sausage Ragu
Salami Bolognese
Pork Belly Shabu Shabu
Beef New York Shabu
Beef Navel (belly) Shabu
Bacon + Beef Burgers
Beef + Ricotta Meatballs
Beef gel bones / neck bones
Beef Tendon
Duck Feet
Beef stock
Poultry stock
Lamb stock
Pork stock
Bone broth
Fido food