Weekly Specials


This Week's Sausages

All housemade! Updated November 20th:

Classic Fennel Sausage
Spicy Italian Sausage
Smoked Bratwurst
Turkey Herb Sausage
Kabocha Sage Sausage
Boudin Blanc
Breakfast Sausage
Mexican-Style Beef Chorizo

Updated November 20th:

Beef demi-glace
Nona lim noodle
Chocolate leaf lard cookies
Chicken tortilla Soup
Pork posole
Beef stew
French onion soup
Beef eye of round shabu shabu
Beef + ricotta meatballs
Bacon burgers
All-beef hot dogs

Beef stock
Poultry stock
Lamb stock
Pork stock
Bone broth
Fido food

*DONE FOR THE YEAR! Next Pig Roast – June 2023*

List of 2022 Pig Roast flavor profiles
June 18th: Smoked Tomato and Fresno peppers w/ Roast-drippings Dipping Sauce
June 25th: classic BBQ spice rub w/Salsa Verde dipping sauce
July 2nd: Traditional-style rub (black pepper, fennel, chiles, lemon, garlic, rosemary) w/ savory stone fruit sauce.
July 9th: Marinated Pork w/ roasted apple & mustard sauce.
July 16th: Brined Pig w/ smoked pepper & pepita romesco sauce
July 23rd: Brined pig w/ Spicy Sweet’n’sour sauce
July 30th: Herbed pork w/ “El Diablo” sauce (spicy & smokey)
August 6th: Korean chili & green onions
August 13th: Classic BBQ rub w/ Carolina vinegar sauce
August 20th: Ancho-Paprika rub w/ Herby apricot sauce
August 27th: Mushroom rub w/ mojo sauce
September 3rd (final roast!): Jerk Rub w/ Trinity sauce