Weekly Specials

This Week's Sausages

All housemade! Updated July 26th:

Classic fennel
Spicy Italian
Smoked bratwurst
Blood sausage
Tomato and Basil
Buffalo chicken
Beef chorizo
Sage breakfast

Beef demi glace
Leaf lard and walnut chocolate chip cookies
Nona Lim noodles
Ramen broth
Chicken tortilla soup
French onion soup
Stemple creek hot dogs
Beef tendon
Beef and bean stew
Pork chili
Guinea hen and vegetable
Quail vegetable
Salami Bolognese
Creamed corn wtith Toulouse sausage
Beef barbacoa
Beef gel bones
New York shabu
Pork belly shabu
Beef stock
Poultry stock
Lamb stock
Pork stock
Bone broth
Fido food