Sando of the Day

This Week's Sandos

Monday, March 1st
Lone Willow Ranch pork roast, grilled pan di zucchero, pickled onion, lemon coriander vinaigrette, carrot top aioli, sweet deli roll

Tuesday, March 2nd
Good Shepherd Ranch turkey roast, Farmer Joy hard-cooked egg salad, little gems, shaved onion, pickled Fresno aioli, tarragon vinaigrette, sweet deli roll

Wednesday, March 3rd
Lone Willow Ranch pork roast & pork fig sausage, fried onion, green bean, cream of mushroom spread, herb vinaigrette, sweet deli roll

Thursday, March 4th
Lone Willow Ranch mustard green pesto-rubbed pork roast, roasted fennel & carrots, arugula, grilled scallion vinaigrette, aioli, sweet deli roll

Friday, March 5th
Magruder Ranch beef kafta, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, feta, tzatziki vinaigrette, herbed focaccia

Saturday, March 6th
Lone Willow Ranch pork braise, kale radicchio apple slaw, pickled jalapeno, lime aioli, sweet deli roll

Sunday, March 7th
Lone Willow Ranch pork roast, escarole & fennel, roasted onions, shave parmesan, vinaigrette, lemon aioli, sweet deli roll

Please note, this is only a planā€¦things may change. Life can be a wild ride; embrace change and uncertainty. If you want to confirm the sandwich of the day, please call the shop 510-845-MEAT (6328)