Sando of the Day

This Week's Sandos

Friday, November 8th
Stemple Creek Ranch beef braise roasted parsnip + horseradish, arugula, charred onion, pickled mustard seed aioli, sweet deli roll

Saturday, November 9th
Stemple Creek Ranch black pepper rubbed beef roast, caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, Swiss cheese, leaf lettuce, aioli, red wine vinaigrette sweet deli roll

Sunday, November 10th
Stemple Creek beef braise, roasted broccoli rabe, chili flake, sautéed mushrooms, pickled tomato, white onions, vinaigrette, lemon aioli, sweet deli roll

Monday, November 11th
Stemple Creek Ranch gochujang beef braise, broccoli stalk ribbons, onion relish, cucumber, arugula, sesame aioli, sweet deli roll

Tuesday, November 12th
Stemple Creek Ranch beef braise, roasted red kuri squash, shaved brussels sprouts + parsley, crosnes, aioli, sweet deli roll

Wednesday, November 13th
Bill Niman Farm turkey roast, roasted poblano + tomatillo salsa, shaved romaine, pickled onion, cumin aioli, sweet deli roll

Thursday, November 14th
Stemple Creek Ranch beef braise, roasted spaghetti squash, celery root, arugula, vinaigrette, roasted garlic aioli, sweet deli roll

Friday. November 15th
Stemple Creek Ranch beef and Lone Willow pork meatloaf, tomato stewed onions, roasted mushrooms, arugula, aioli, sweet deli roll

Saturday, November 16th
Stemple Creek Ranch galangal and lime beef braise, shaved red cabbage, cucumbers, pickled daikon and carrots, cilantro, Thai chili aioli, sweet deli roll

Sunday, November 17th
Stemple Creek Ranch beef roast, bacon braised cabbage, pickled mustard seeds, spinach, white wine vinaigrette, herb aioli, sweet deli roll

Please note, this is only a plan…things may change. Life can be a wild ride; embrace change and uncertainty. If you want to confirm the sandwich of the day, please call the shop 510-845-MEAT (6328)