Sando of the Day

This Week's Sandos

Monday, April 6
Stemple Creek Ranch beef braise, snow peas, thyme roasted onions, thai basil, vinaigrette, arugula, shallot aioli, sweet deli roll

Tuesday, April 7
Stemple Creek Ranch beef roast, spicy pickled carrots, braised rainbow chard and onions, aarissa aioli, sweet deli roll

Wednesday, April 8
Stemple Creek Ranch beef braise, radicchio, roasted spring onions, arugula, balsamic vinaigrette, scallion aioli, sweet deli roll

Thursday, April 9
Llano Seco Rancho pork roast bahn mi, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, cucumber, spicy aioli, torpedo roll

Friday, April 10
Llano Seco Rancho pork braise, swiss cheese, spinach, pickled zucchini, mustard aioli, toasted sweet deli roll

Saturday, April 11
Llano Seco Rancho pork roast, spinach, avocado, radish, spicy grated carrot, dill aioli, torpedo roll

Sunday, April 12

Please note, this is only a plan…things may change. Life can be a wild ride; embrace change and uncertainty. If you want to confirm the sandwich of the day, please call the shop 510-845-MEAT (6328)