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2017 Class Schedule

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Pork Leg Butchery

March 19th  |  July 23rd |  October 1st
The Local Butcher Shop butchers will talk, demonstrate and teach the versatility of a pig leg. This class will focus on the many different butchering techniques that can be used on a pig leg; boning out a leg, cutting the muscles along the seams, tying roasts, slicing the pork for scallopini or steaks, and how to use the trim to make sausage. Each student will get hands on experience and share the bounty of a pig leg with one other student—2 students per leg; approximately 12-13 lbs. of pork to take home per student. $175 per person
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Poultry Butchery Class

January 8th  |  March 5th  |  June 4th |  July 9th |  September 24th
This hands-on class will teach students the anatomy of birds. Each student will get to butcher 2 chickens and take home all of the meat/bones/skin, etc. There will also be discussion about the best way to butcher chicken, turkey and small birds for different cooking methods. $90 per person
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Sausage Making I

January 15th  |  March 12th |  May 7th  |  July 16th  |  September 17th
Learn how to make sausages with The Local Butcher Shop’s Sausage Makers! Each participant will make their own pork sausage. From grinding to mixing, recipes and proportions, to casings, you’ll learn about it all and do it all too! And, you’ll go home with your creations—approximately 3 lbs. of pork sausage and 2 lbs. of lamb sausage! $135 per person
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Shop Talk: Stock Making

January 29th |  October 22nd
At this Shop talk we’ll discuss the difference between stock, broths and bone broths, and lead you through a tasting. You’ll learn how to choose bones and the steps for making each product. $30 per person
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Sausage Making II

February 5th |  April 9th |  June 11th
In this sausage making class you’ll get hands on experience making boudin blanc and crepinettes made with herbed pork sausage. From grinding to mixing, recipes and proportions, to casings, you’ll learn about it all and do it all, too! And, you’ll go home with your creations—approximately 6 lbs of sausage. $135 per person
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Confit & Rillettes Making

January 22nd  |  June 25th |  November 5th
In this hands-on class, The Local Butcher Shop chefs will teach you how to confit meats and make pork rillette. Attendees will take home 1 lbs of pork rillettes, 1 jar of confit giblets, and 1 confit duck leg. $90 per person
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Pâtés & Terrine

February 26th  |  May 21st  |  August 6th
The Local Butcher Shop chefs will demonstrate and teach how to make three different kinds of pâtés and terrines. Class includes a guided tasting with crackers, and each participant will go home with ½ lb.  Paté di Campagna, ½ lb. Chicken Liver Mousse, and 1/2 lb. of Headcheese. $70 per person
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Half Hog Butchery Demo

April 23rd  |  August 27th
Learn about the anatomy of a pig and whole animal butchery techniques with butchers from The Local Butcher Shop. Charles Thieriot of Rancho Llano Seco will join us to discuss raising pigs humanely and sustainably. Eating from all parts of the pig is one of the best ways to support small local ranchers. We will discuss the best ways to cook various cuts to inspire more interesting and delicious meals for less cost. All participants will take home 9 to 10 lbs of Llano Seco pork! $125 per person
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Fish Butchery Class with Sea Forager

February 12th  |  July 30th
This fish butchery class is hosted in collaboration with Sea Forager, a community supported fishery based in San Francisco. Each student will be supplied with 2 lb. of whole, local, sustainably-sourced fish. With hands-on instruction by Sea Forager’s Kirk Lombard, students will learn to scale, gill, gut, fillet and debone the fish. Kirk will also lead a discussion about local fisheries and sustainable seafood as well as answer all your seafood cooking questions!
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Holiday Cooking Class

November 12th
The Local Butcher Shop butchers and chefs will talk, demonstrate and teach how to roast a turkey and a rib roast to perfection!  This class will focus on what to ask for, how to season, tie and cut or carve as well as different cooking methods to achieve scrumptious results. Each participant will go home with a 4 lb. rib roast.  $150 per person
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Cancellation/Refund Policy: All ticket sales are non-refundable. If a cancellation notice is received at least two weeks before the ticketed class, we will offer a credit toward a future class. Cancellations with less than two weeks notice will not be credited.