Corned Beef for St. Patrick’s Day

st. pats corned beef

Ready to Cook

Our house corned beef to cook at home
$15 per pound (3 pound minimum)

Heat & Eat – sold out!

Our house corned & cooked beef, ready to reheat. Your order includes seasoned broth to gently reheat your corned beef to perfection!
$17 per pound (3 pound minimum) – sold out
Call to order: 510-845-MEAT

Make Your Own

Beef eye of round, bottom round or brisket are ideal cuts to cure & cook yourself. Plan ahead as you’ll need several days for the curing process. We have recipes for a five-day cure and a 12 day cure below.
$15.95 – $17.95 depending on cut, call us to reserve at 510-845-MEAT

Recipes & Cooking Tips

Call us at 510-845-MEAT to place an order!

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