Burns Night Haggis

January 25th is the birthday of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns. Scots celebrate with a decadent meal that typically includes haggis. Haggis is, essentially, a sausage that is stuffed and cooked in a sheep stomach. Since classic lamb’s stomach is not permitted for use the United States, we use a beef casing. Our haggis is made with lamb meat, heart, kidney, tongue, liver, stock, oats, barley and onions. It’s seasoned with cayenne, thyme, allspice, pepper, lemon, salt and Scotch Whisky. It is enjoyed much like a savory porridge.

We are currently accepting preorders for haggis, and they will be available for pickup starting on January 21st. To preorder your haggis, call us at (510) 845-6328 (MEAT), or order for East Bay delivery via Mercato.

Cooking Methods

The haggis comes fully cooked, we have two suggestions for reheating: 

Poaching Method
Place haggis directly from the refrigerator into a pot. Cover with cold water. Bring to a simmer and simmer gently until warmed through. 

Roasting Method for a 3-4 lb haggis
Roasting your haggis will brown and crisp the skin. Bring haggis to room temperature then roast in oven 300 degrees until warmed through (about 90 minutes).