Kimchi and Pork Belly Rice Bowls – twenty minutes and done.

The weather has been wet in the Bay for the start of this year. As a result, some of us are busy trying to keep ourselves – and our homes – dry.  For those of us who enjoy cooking it means we have to find ways to keep good food around without wasting time.

Kimchi is a great way to bring a lot of flavor and flair to a meal quickly.  The Woks of Life has a snappy recipe for Kimchi and Pork Belly Rice bowls that’s delicious and rests on the quality of its ingredients. It comes together in under half an hour – just as long as it will take to cook up a side of rice.  We’ve paired it here with Rancho Llano Seco pork belly, but you could get away with another resilient cut, such as sliced pork shoulder or chicken thighs. An additional finishing touch could be to add a few drops of sesame oil to the finished dish before serving. Note that sesame oil is one of those ingredients where restraint is key.

We have kimchi fermenting that will be ready this coming weekend.  Have your own? You can use that too.  If you need more heat than what your kimchi provides, consider adding some fresh hot pepper of your choosing, although Cheongyang peppers would be particularly fitting.  Your dinner will be fast, satisfying, and as spicy as the kimchi you use.