We’re excited to launch our new Butcher Basket Program here at The Local Butcher Shop!

Inspired by traditional CSAs, or Community Supported Agriculture programs, in which members support farms by agreeing to a share of whatever product is available throughout the season, we’ve developed the Butcher Basket Program for our shop. When members sign up in advance for a basket of various cuts of meat, they help us to utilize whole animals, minimize waste, and continue to strengthen our commitment to the farmers and ranchers we support.

The Butcher Basket program is an extension of our shop goal to equalize the value of whole animals and we hope it will appeal to customers who want to try new cuts and continue to eat from nose to tail. Those of you who don’t live nearby, or have large households to feed, will love the convenience of a monthly basket of meat. We know you’ll still want products like poultry, eggs, sausage, stocks and soups from The Icebox, so we’re offering a 10% discount to our members when they shop on pick-up days. And yes, you get that really nifty insulated “basket” when you sign up for the program.

Interested? You can learn more and sign-up here. The program kicks off with the first pick-up in early June. We hope you’ll join The Butcher Basket Program!