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The shop will reopen Friday, January 14th

After a full week of closure due to COVID, we are thrilled to announce the shop will reopen with regular hours Friday, January 14th. To our relief, our staff who tested positive for COVID have recovered in isolation and have now tested negative. In addition, our staff who had close contact with these individuals have […]

Meatballs in Red Sauce

If you pick up a pack of our house-made beef ricotta meatballs, we recommend making Chef Jason’s red sauce. It’s a simple tomato sauce that comes together easily with stuff you probably have on hand. Simmer the meatballs in the sauce, and serve over hot cooked pasta (we love Baia pasta) or polenta with grated […]

Roasted Spatchcocked Chicken with Preserved Lemon

Spatchcock is a butchery term that refers to splitting open poultry or game birds for cooking. The backbone is removed and the carcass is pushed flat. The benefit to spatchcocking a chicken is faster, more even cooking. I also find it much easier to carve for serving. It’s particularly good for grilling and a great […]

Spring Shepherd’s Pie with Peas & Mint

Two reasons to love Shepherd’s Pie: First, it does not involve rolling out a pie crust; and second, it does involve mashed potatoes. This spring-inspired shepherd’s pie is adapted from Felicity Cloake’s recipe for a very classic version. For a lighter touch, the potatoes are mashed with yogurt and olive oil. (For a dairy free […]

Steamed Chicken Breast, A Revelation

When it comes to chicken, I am firmly in the dark meat camp. Chicken breast are too often dry and rubbery, so I usually avoid the white meat altogether. However, the steam treatment I gave this chicken made it so delicious that I had a difficult time saving the breast for the chicken salad recipe for which […]

Beef, Bean & Bacon Chili

A few of our favorite products come together in a smoky, spicy chili. This particular chili recipe is light on the beans. If you like a beany chili, cook a full pound of beans and add them all to the pot. Serve with sour cream, jalapeños, grated cheese, and tortilla chips. It’s also perfect with our savory […]

Savory Skillet Cornbread

This is a favorite cornbread recipe and a great way to use up any lard or tallow you have on hand. We used Tortillas de la Tierra’s heirloom blue cornmeal, which you can find at The Local Butcher Shop. Heating the cast iron pan in the oven before filing it with batter ensures a beautiful […]

Bone Broth for Everyone

Since the new year, The New York Times, The Today Show, Time Magazine and chef blogs have extolled the virtues of bone broth. The terms bone broth and stock are used interchangeably, though some folks differentiate them by the ratio of bone to meat used. Whatever you like to call it, it’s good stuff; and we’re serving it hot by the cup at The Local Butcher Shop. […]

Spring Is for Eggs

Chris Hay and his mother Sarah founded Say Hay Farms in 2010. They farm 45 acres of land for certified organic produce and pastured chicken eggs. The chickens they raise are Vega Brown, a breed that features productive egg laying and mild temperaments. They are also well-suited to the climate, which is important for the […]