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What we ate last week

Winter seems to be upon us and with the drop in the barometer, everyone begins to crave soups, stews, long braises and meat in general.  Needless to say it’s been a busy week here at The Shop!  Our minds have certainly been focused on Thanksgiving and we have been busy preparing poultry stock, taking turkey orders (get yours […]

What’s for dinner at the Rocchino’s

Hey there! So last week was a bit crazy, hence no post.  We did have an awesome staff party at Ippuku last week!  And, Mario had a baby!  Daniel Lopez is a happy and healthy little boy and as soon as he can eat meat, he’ll be the biggest little carnivore in town! The rest of […]

This week at The Rocchino’s

Sorry for the late post but this is a very busy week! We have the Sunday Streets festival coming up this weekend where we will not only have an awesome Sandwich for sale at the shop, but we are also going to be grilling our Classic Fennel Sausages and serving them on toasted ACME buns […]

What’s for dinner at the Rocchino’s

Aaron and I started this business for many reasons, but one of the main reasons was to create a life where we could dinner together every night.  Since Aaron was working Chez Panisse (hence working nights) and I was working at Paula LeDuc Fine Catering in Sales (mostly daytime work) we passed eachother like ships in the […]

General Manager – Monica

Monica attended Brown University in Providence, RI where she mastered the art of cooking in a toaster oven and a microwave. Her junior year, she attended the University of Bologna in Italy. It was here that she learned that a tomato isn’t orange but a deep crimson, and that truly fresh food tastes amazing without […]

Dog Food

Did you know that we make our own dog food here at The Local Butcher Shop?  Well, we do. Every week we make a fresh batch of food which the dogs seem to go wild for!  It is not a balanced diet (there are no vitamin supplements) so it should be fed to dogs and […]

Beef Tagliata

Did you all see this article? It’s pretty good if we do say so ourselves!  And then there is this other article that features many of our farmers that we buy from! But hidden in amongst these gem articles is...

Pork Leg Butchery Video

We have two classes coming up!  The first is this weekend – learn how to make fine soap out of beef tallow (fat).  Each participant will take home 10 bars of soap!  Call now to reserve your spot. The second class is Pork Leg Butchery.  It is already sold out and has a long waiting […]

Stemple Creek

Loren and Lisa Poncia of Stemple Creek reached out to us before we opened our shop to tell us about their beef.  Aaron and I went out to their ranch in Tomales and had a look around, met the family and had a most delicious BBQ lunch.  Loren and Lisa are lovely people and their Stemple Creek beef […]

What are we doing on New Year’s Eve?

What are we doing for New Year’s?  So glad you asked! We are going to save our New Year’s Eve meal for New Year’s day.  Our intention is to make a Prime Rib Dinner a la The House of Prime Rib in San Francisco.  We will begin with Martinis and Manhattans, some cheese (Manchego perhaps), Quince Paste that just […]