Did you know that we make our own dog food here at The Local Butcher Shop?  Well, we do.

Every week we make a fresh batch of food which the dogs seem to go wild for!  It is not a balanced diet (there are no vitamin supplements) so it should be fed to dogs and cats only as a supplemental food.  We use ground beef (beef trim), beef liver, beef heart, carrots, a seasonal green and what we call “pixie dust” which is finely, finely, finely ground bone.  

We have started a Dog Food Loyalty Program here at the shop.  When you purchase 5 pounds of Dog Food, the next pound is free!  All we need is your first and last name to enroll you and our system keeps track of the rest. 

We also freeze beef knuckle bones which make great dog bones and we have dehydrated pig skin twists that dogs love to chew.

Frozen Dog Food