Four years ago today, we opened the doors of The Local Butcher Shop. We started out simply wanting to offer people delicious, trustworthy meat, and we have grown to offer so much more than that! At The Local Butcher Shop you’ll find good meat, an experience, an education, a friendly face, a community and a gathering spot. To get a sense of the impact we’ve made and what we’ve accomplished, we looked back through the numbers and thought we’d share a few with you. In four short years, we have:

  • sold 320,478 pounds of sustainably-raised meat
  • made 86,182 sausages links
  • served 68,144 sandos
  • baked 12,725 chocolate chip cookies with lard
  • donated $36,018 in product to local schools, soup kitchens & community non-profits
  • sold 913 Thanksgiving turkeys
  • simmered 3,489 gallons of stock
  • held 49 butcher classes
  • grown our team from 7 to 20
  • supported 20 farms & ranches within 150 miles

One number not quantified here is all of you who have become a part of our community. You have enable us to support so many farms and build such a strong family of staff. Thank you for your business and support. We are grateful and honored to be your local butcher.