It’s turkey time again!  We love this holiday so much and while it is fun to change up the side dishes each year, we always have turkey.  The methods for cooking a turkey well do not change and thus, we are re-posting our blog post from last year on how to cook a turkey.


Originally posted November 16, 2012


How would you recommend cooking this turkey?

Well, that is a great question.  We offer three different methods:

Method One:  As featured in BerkeleySide, here are our recipes for oven roasting the turkey breast and braising the legs and thighs.  If you read the article, you’ll better understand why we recommend this method first.

Method Two: We cooked our turkey on the grill for many years because a) it’s so dang tasty and b) it keeps the oven available to cook other goodies.  Here is link to the blog post I did last year with the recipe all ready to go!

Method Three: A traditional oven roasted turkey…I look to Alton Brown for his scientifically genius methodology.  In this article he explains why to brine, why not to baste and how to carve the turkey.  It’s a fool-proof method with great illustrations too!

Happy Thanksgiving!