Finally!  It has arrived!

We ordered a customized meat hook and rail system way back in February…We had assumed it would go in before we opened in August but you know the old adage about ASS-U (&) -ME-ing….

So the rail was delivered last week in two truck loads to our parking lot.  Once it was delivered, we rented a 26′ refrigerator truck (which Monica drove from Hayward to the shop by herself!) and filled it with all of the product in our walk-in refrigerator.  The next day, the guys came to install the rail system.  They lifted the incredibly heavy steel beams into our walk-in like they really knew what they were doing!  Sure enough, that evening, we were able to load all of our product back into the walk-in refrigerator.  We now have so much more space and light and we can butcher large cuts of meat with much more grace and finesse.

Whew!  Glad that is done!