TLBS T-Shirt

It’s that time of year when the world shares magical moments and bestows gifts to friends and family.  Why not give gifts that will actually get used this year?  We have some great offerings!

  • Our first idea is to gift 8 bags of amazing Rancho Gordo Products each day of Hannukah…Snowcap Beans, Chile de Arbol, Rio Zape Beans, Cannellini Beans, CA Wild Rice, Flageolet Beans, Hominy, and Borlotti Beans!

Rancho Gordo Beans

Rancho Gordo Products

  • Our next gift idea is a set of Just Cook Foods Rubs – one is nice, three is decadent!  Any Day Chicken, Herbed Coffee and Ancho Chicken.

Just Cook Food Rubs

  • Idea number three…A The Local Butcher Shop T-Shirt!  These are nice shirts – soft black cotton made by American Apparel.  They have our logo on the top left on the front of the shirt and a great image on the back that promotes seasonal, local, sustainable meat.  Quite sharp if we do say so ourselves…

Insulated Tote

TLBS T-Shirt

  • Okay, here’s another thought: a collection of Katz Olive Oils and Vinegars – they are colorful and delicious!  We have Chef’s Pick Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rock Hill Extra Virgin Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Sauvignon Blanc Vinegar and Sparkling Vinegar!  Whew!

Katz Vinegar and Olive Oils

  • Sea Salt is always appreciated by cooks.  Come to think of it, so are specialty vinegar and oils.  We have Grapeseed Oil which has a very high burning temperature and a mild flavor, CA Balsamic Vinegar, Sherry Vinegar and Gravenstein Apple Cider Vinegar.

Mendocino Sea Salt

Oils and Vinegar

  • Did somebody say pickles?  We have some AMAZING pickles! The Uncommon Pickle has made pickled green beans that are to die for and Studebaker Pickles has crafted some Dill Pickles and Carrots that are swoon-able.  Don’t believe us?  Try some for yourself!

The Uncommon Pickle's Green Beans

Studebaker Dill Pickles

Studebaker Pickled Carrots

  • If we haven’t lost you yet, here are two final ideas.  We are carrying four amazing meat related cook books.  They all contain wonderful recipes and amazing photographs, so you can use them in the kitchen or on the coffee table.  We will wrap them in butcher paper and tie them with butcher’s twine for you for FREE!  (Oh, and each one has a hand made Local Butcher Shop bookmark…priceless.)

Good Meat Book

River Cottage Meat Book and Rotis Book

Odd Bits

  • And last but not least, you could always treat the meat lover in your family to a Local Butcher Shop Gift Card!  Available in any amount and perfect for any budget!

Gift Card

Happy Holidays from The Local Butcher Shop!