On the rolling grasslands of West Marin and Sonoma Counties, Julie and Tony Rossotti raise pastured cattle and goats. On special occasions we get a whole veal, and what a treat it is!  The calves are born and raised on certified organic open pastures alongside their grass-fed mothers. They are raised in a low-stress environment, and their diet consists entirely of mother’s milk, clear water from natural coastal aquifers, and native grasses and forage. This results in veal that is rose colored and intensely flavorful.

“Veal is a magnificent meat with a mild, yet deeply satisfying flavor. It lends itself to nearly all the cooking methods… yielding particularly delicious pot roasts, stews, and luxurious roasts.”
—James Peterson, James Beard Award winner & author of MEAT: A Kitchen Education

The Rossotti family is dedicated to sustainable animal husbandry and land management. We are proud patrons of the ranch and thrilled to offer not just local veal, but the most humanely-raised local veal available. Make it part of your holiday celebration!

Here is a list of of veal cuts and our cooking recommendations:

  • Shoulder Cuts: slow roast or braise
  • Shoulder or Loin Chops: quick sauté or grill
  • Breast: a leaner cut good for braising
  • Rib Roasts: have us tie it for roasting whole
  • Top & Eye Rounds: roast whole, or slice thin (often called scaloppine) & sauté
  • Bottom Round: roast or poach and slice thinly to serve
  • Shanks: braise low and slow
  • Grind: perfect for bolognese or meatballs
  • Liver, Cheeks, Oxtail, & Heart: for the adventurous!
  • Bones: simmer for stocks and bone broth

For more inspiration, check out our Veal Pinterest Board. Stop by or give us a call to reserve your veal!

Photo courtesy of Rossotti Ranch.