Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday and we are so proud of the carefully selected meats and specially prepared foods we’re offering this season. Let us help make your holiday feast unforgettable!

Your Centerpiece: Turkey from BN Ranch

Our locally raised turkeys come from BN Ranch, the current operation of Bill and Nicolette Hahn Niman, original founders of Niman Ranch meat company. Turkeys will be fresh (never frozen), flavorful and fed a GMO-free diet of vegetables and grains. We have both Heritage Turkeys and Broad Breasted White Turkeys in a variety of sizes.

Call us to reserve your turkey at 510-845-6328.
Will take orders until Noon Sunday, November 23rd. 


Heritage Birds ($12.50/lb) are bred to be on pasture with big strong legs and smaller breasts. The birds take about two times longer to grow to size and, require two times more feed. The meat is visibly darker, and flavor is deeper and richer.

Broad Breasted White Birds ($9.00/lb) are bred for more white meat. The meat is milder in flavor with a plump, tender breast and smaller legs.

Want turkey, but not too much? We’ll cut birds to order. Turkey halves, quarters, breasts, legs, thighs or wings–order just what you need.

Here are three of our favorite ways to cook a turkey!

For smaller gatherings & non-traditional menus

We are offering Guinea Hen ($11.00/lb) from Grimaud Farms in the San Joaquin Valley. Lesser known in our part of the world, Guinea fowl grace European tables on special occasions. The birds are slightly smaller than chickens, and the meat is very lean, tender and flavorful. Here is a simple but elegant preparation. 

To ensure you get the bird you want, call us to place an order 510-845-6328We will require approximately a 50% deposit if you come into the shop and a $50 deposit if you place your order over the phone.

We can help out with the rest of your shopping list:

  • turkey brine–our favorite mix of salt and spices–and brining bags
  • bacon & pancetta for sides and salads
  • turkey and poultry stock for gravy and stuffing
  • butchers twine to hold your bird together while cooking
  • sausage (loose or linked) for dressings and stuffing
  • leaf lard for pie crusts

If you need an assist, we’re making a few special things:

  • sage & sausage bread stuffing
  • rich turkey gravy
  • pâté & charcuterie for hors d’ouvrés

Holiday Hours

Monday 11/24 – CLOSED
Tuesday 11/25 – 10AM to 7PM
Wednesday 11/26 – 10AM to 7PM
Thursday 11/27  – CLOSED
Friday 11/28 – CLOSED
Saturday 11/29 – CLOSED
Sunday 11/30 – 10AM – 6PM